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Minutes of Meeting held 28th September 2010

BTP Full Meeting 28 September 2010


Present A Thake, C Rymer, G Prince, B Younger, B Haigh, M Lancaster, S Thackray, L Walker, A Armstrong, S Wilkinson, F Bland, K Carlisle, J Price, L Booth, H McKinlay. J Heward, S Barrett, J Luckett,  L Primmer, H Nicholas.


Project update Janis gave an illustrated update of recent activities and discoveries: various features north of Mastiles Lane and on Hawkswick Clowder, incl. visit to Dowkabottom Cave and surrounding area with Paul Reinsch;

2 guided walks (led by Janis) – for UWHG and 3D (Dig, Delve, Discover) archaeology group from Harrogate;

BTP visit to Earby Lead Mining Museum to look at meer stones etc followed by meer stone walk on Grassington Moor;

visit from John Barnatt (Peak District Nat. Park archaeologist), prehistory and lead mining expert who looked at various features with the BTP group.


Mike Gill, lead mining expert, gave a very informative  illustrated talk about Lead Mining in the Dales with particular emphasis on the Wharfedale/Grassington area so that BTP will be able to compare what we find within the Bordley Township. Particular reference to Bordley: fairly small-scale mining but some of it is quite old and may date to 17th century or earlier, although this needs to be proved; shallow shafts (not bell pits) sunk on veins; High Mark may have been marked out in meers. He also mentioned the small amount of coal mining on Threshfield and Linton moors.


Treasurer c. £24000 income; just under £3000 spent so far but big purchases still to make. BTP website is up and running, with more material being added when available.


Secretary Showed press release from C Herald and spoke about plans to set up a Facebook page for BTP.


Date of next full meeting Tuesday 25 January 2011


The meeting closed at 9.30.



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