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Minutes of Meeting held 29th June 2010


Minutes of the BTP Meeting held on 29 June 2010 at Hetton Methodist Church Hall


Present G.Prince, B.Haigh (Chair), H. Nicholas, H. MCKinlay, S.McPhail (?), A. Armstrong, M.Knowles, P.C.Knowles,  C.Rymer, A.Thake (Treasurer), J.Heward, L.Primmer (Sec.), K.Carlisle, T.Chadwick, P.Leighton, P.L.Walker (Liaison), I.Smith, M.Lancaster,


Apologies received from P.Dodsworth S.Barrett, J Reinsch, I.Thake,  J.Lancaster.


Project update Janis gave a Powerpoint presentation showing recently discovered features on High Mark, the visit to Park House, and Neolithic flints including those found in Bordley Township. Flint expert, Philip Leighton, discussed various flints and stated that the unusual arrowhead from High Mark was shaped to fly faster than an ordinary arrowhead and may possibly have been a ceremonial arrowhead from a burial.


Chairman confirmed that we were given permission to start the project from HLF at the end of April and so the official start date was 1 May. We also have the first 50% of the grant. He discussed the activities since the start date: Discovery Walks, Walkover Surveys, Barn Recording, Feature Sketching and the Dumpy Level Training given to members.


Janis Heward has been appointed Project Director.

A Consultant Archaeologist will be considered over the next few weeks.


Secretary reminded those present that only members are covered by the Project’s insurance.


Treasurer will present a half-yearly report on the finances at the next meeting.


Liaison Officer has submitted a press release to the local magazine.


AOB Marion Knowles mentioned the need for various experts to deal with Natural England about a grant for the renovation of Cow Gill Cote.

Janis outlined the arrangements for the forthcoming Survey Week. All participants will receive detailed information by email.


The meeting closed at 9.10 p.m.

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