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   Minutes of the EGM held 10th May 2011


                                                         Hetton Methodist Room 7.30 pm Tuesday 10th May 2011


(1)  Present: David Leonard, Julia Price, Vanessa Peckett, Vanda Hartley, David Hartley, Sonia Wilkinson, Stuart Wilkinson, Ann Wilkinson, Janis Heward and Peter Claughton.

David Leonard was asked to take the minutes of the EGM.


(2 )Apologies: Bill Haigh, Pauline Dodsworth, Ann Thake and Helen McKinlay.


(3) Introduction. Peter Claughton welcomed those present who introduced themselves. He referred to the EGM meeting of 22nd March and outlined the reasons for this E.G.M.


(4) Discussion on Roles & Responsibilities Within the Project

a) Peter showed a slide of the current BTP Organisation Structure showing where the Project Director (PD) and Consultant Archaeologists (CAs) were sandwiched between the Committee and the Group Leaders & Members. Group Leaders lead member groups on Barns & Houses; Surveying; Schools Liaison and Website. There should also be an advisory Steering Group who can bring in consultants to advise on specialist subjects.

b) It was agreed that the previous committee had tried to steer the Project without the PD and this had led to the current situation with the previous committee resigning necessitating this EGM to form a new committee.

c) Noted that the main role of a committee in an archaeological project was to make sure that what was planned was actually carried out. It follows logically that the committee must stand back from the actual management of the day to day work of the project and can review progress with the PD at their three monthly review meetings.

d) The CA’s are there to provide specialist knowledge as no-one will have the knowledge of all the various aspects of the Project’s work.  One CA (Kevin Cale) is already working together with Janis to deliver the schools liaison plan.

e) Peter asked for any questions or alternative suggestions on these points but all accepted that they were happy with the revised structure he had outlined.


(5) Election of Committee

a) Chairman. David Leonard was asked to take the chair and proposed Peter Claughton as chairman. This was seconded by Vanda Hartley. There were no other nominations and Peter was duly elected and took the chair.

b) Vice Chairman. It was suggested that as Peter lives in Wales and may have difficulty attending committee meetings it would be advantageous to create the post of vice chairman. This was agreed and Sonia Wilkinson proposed Stuart Wilkinson. Seconded by Janis Heward and agreed.

c) Secretary. Julia Price proposed Ann Wilkinson as secretary. Seconded by Peter Claughton and agreed.

d) Treasurer. Vanessa Peckett proposed David Hartley as treasurer. David circulated a brief résumé. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Management Accountants and a recently retired Finance Director/Company Secretary of 23 years in 3 different companies. He has also been responsible for the accounts of a lottery funded group and prepared accounts for local voluntary groups. He was seconded by Stuart Wilkinson and duly elected.

e) Liaison Officer. As there was no reason why this position could not be held by the PD unless the committee were discussing some aspect of the PD’s work for which she was being paid whereupon she would have to stand aside from the business in hand, Peter Claughton proposed Janis Heward. This was seconded by Ann Wilkinson and agreed, noting the foregoing caveat.

f) Minute Secretary. Janis asked if David Leonard could be elected to the position of Minute Secretary. Peter said that this could be a co-opted position if David was prepared to take on this role and the committee agreed. This was accepted.


(6) Date of Annual General Meeting.

Peter noted that according to the current constitution this should take place during the month of May. As a new committee had just been elected and as their first priority had to collect the minutes and working papers of the outgoing committee together with all financial data this would not be achievable and proposed a new AGM date of Thursday 23rd June subject to the Hetton room being available although alternative venues were possible. This was agreed. David Leonard advised that he would be in Scotland on holiday on that date and would give his apologies now. There was a discussion on holding general meetings at alternative locations in the area which could encourage others to participate in the project. This was agreed.


(7) Any Other Business.

a) Publicity.  Janis noted that an article on the project had been submitted to The Dalesman and had appeared in the current May issue. It would be advantageous to have a publicity officer and Vanda Hartley agreed to take on this role.

b) Vote of Thanks. Peter Claughton proposed that the members of the previous committee be thanked for the work they had done since the Project was formally constituted. This was agreed by all those present and it was hoped that they would remain as members of the group.

As there was no other business the meeting was closed at 8.05pm.


Following the meeting, Janis showed a Power Point Presentation in preparation on the finds so far in the Project.


David Leonard

13th May 2011.




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