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Minutes of the AGM held 28th May 2012


      Hetton Methodist Room 7.00 pm Monday, 28th May 2012


Present: Stuart Wilkinson, Ann Wilkinson, Janis Heward, Peter Claughton, Helen McKinlay, Pauline Barber, Bob Barker, Rachel Burgess, Peter Chadwick, Mike Spence and Florence Carr.


1. Apologies for absence:  Received from David Leonard, David Hartley, Julia Price, Antonia Young and Andrew Murgatroyd.


2. Minutes of the 2011 AGM

The minutes were read and approved as a true copy, proposed by P. Cl. and seconded by J.H. There were two matters arising, firstly, there is still a need for a volunteer (or volunteers) to review and collate the considerable amount of research data which has been collected. A.W. agreed to circulate another plea for help via the contact list and website. Secondly, A.W. reported that only a handful of replies had been received in response to a memo concerning confirmation of membership and receipt of information on Project activities circulated to the contact list in September 2011.


3. Chairman’s Report

P.Cl. presented a review on the Project’s progress as up to the end of the second year:


• The core activities of the Project involving i.e. fieldwork, training and research have progressed in accordance with the plan submitted to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). The fieldwork has incorporated Discovery walks, walkover surveys, Survey Weeks and the recording of vernacular buildings and walls and where applicable has involved a high standard of training. The result to date is that around 80% of the township has been covered in one way or another and future work will focus on the area around Bordley Town. A series of training days, workshops and lectures on specialist topics relevant to the past occupation and activities within the Township have also been held. A significant amount of research has been undertaken using documentary sources held in various repositories.


• A schools programme run by the Project Director and consultant archaeologist, Kevin Cale with help from Project members was commenced in early 2011. Initially focused on introducing primary school children to archaeology in the area around Bordley and some of the surrounding townships. The Project in partnership with an Upper Wharfedale Young Roots initiative ran an archaeology summer school at Netherside Hall in 2011 for secondary school pupils who assisted in an excavation, the ‘Big Dig’ during the autumn half-term. This was followed by an after-school archaeology club run in co-operation with the History Department of Upper Wharfedale School which has become a regular activity attracting funding from the Bordley Township Project.


• The day to day direction of the Project is being firmly handled by the Project Director leaving the Executive Committee to co-ordinate and monitor progress towards the Project’s stated objectives. A Steering Group has been set up with the option of bringing in specialist advice as required and relationships with external groups has opened up further opportunities for members carrying out research and taking part in external training programmes.


•  A number of guided walks, talks and poster presentations have been given to local groups in the area around Bordley with others planned for 2012-13. The membership is kept informed on events through a combination of e-mail, post and the Project’s website together with regular reports on field and workshop activity under the heading of ‘What we did today’. Further information on the Project’s research and survey work was reported in the 2010-11 Interim Report posted on the project website in Spring 2011. A further report is planned for 2012.


• The Project has a circulation list of 60+ with around twenty people who are regularly involved in fieldwork and supporting activities. Attendance at workshops and lectures has ranged from 15 to over 30 with up to 28 participating on guided walks. The Project has maintained good community liaison with landowners and occupiers of property within the Township ensuring they are made aware of work on their land which is scheduled around appropriate periods in the agricultural calendar.


• The tasks over 2012-13 will be to complete the field investigations, the processing of the information gathered into a database provided by the YDNPA for inclusion in the Historic Environment Record and the storage and presentation of data in a Geographical Information System. ArcGIS has been obtained on a non-commercial license for this purpose.


4. Secretary’s Report

• AW confirmed that the number of people currently on the circulation list stood at 85 of which 90% were regularly receiving information about the Project via e-mail.


• In August 2011, the Project took out its own website subscription (the site was previously hosted by the Iron Age Nidderdale Community Archaeology Project) with Moonfruit acquiring a new domain name, ‘’ which is more descriptive of the group. The number of hits on the website is averaging at 150 to 200 per week.


R.B. asked whether we would consider linking our website with those of similar archaeology groups. J.H. will provide a list of suitable groups to contact. A.W. will also contact the CBA to enquire if we can use their logo on our website in recognition of our affiliation with the CBA.


5. Treasurer’s Report

D.H. had supplied a handout (by way of the Chairman) of the Treasurer’s Financial Report as at the 19th April 2012. Total expenditure covering the period from 1st May 2010 to 19th April 2012 stood at £21,575.84 and the balance of funds remaining standing at £2.952.20. Everything more or less ties in with the expected HLF expenditure, although, printer costs were more than expected. As there were no further queries, acceptance of the report as presented was proposed by S.W. and seconded by H.M.


6. Project Director’s Report

• J.H. reported that there had been a good response to the ‘What we did today’ reports.


• Walk over surveys (WOS) continued with up to 5 people participating at any one time. These included WOS in and around Park House Close, Tommy High Pasture and Lee Gate High Mark.


• A Wild Flower Walk was held in July 2011 to explore the flora within fields in the Park House area. Although, the area proved flora rich in variety there was nothing significantly rare.


• Two survey weeks were held in April and September 2011. The former focused on the investigation of the lead mining works and the latter, geophysical investigation using equipment borrowed from York Archaeological Trust (YAT) was undertaken in two fields at Bordley Hall farm.


• Talks were presented to the 3D Archaeological Society and the Northern Mining Research Society.


• A guided walk in the north of the Township was held in July 2011 for the Festival of British Archaeology. Sadly there were not many attendees but the Project will host 3 days of activities for the Festival of British Archaeology in July 2012.


• The Bordley Flint collection was taken over to YAT’s site at Hungate in York for marking.


• With the aid of Dr. Adrian Evans (University of Bradford), a series of lithic related activities were held to help with the identification and recording of the 72 flints in the Bordley collection.


• A dayschool with Steve Moorhouse on the Monastic Landscape at Bordley was held in October and a walk and talk with Tony Keates on water powered mills in February. Tony’s walk focused on possible mill sites in the Lainger / Bordley Hall area. Despite documentary sources there was no obvious evidence of a mill site near Bordley Hall.


• A Walls workshop with Kevin Cale was held in March followed by a Wall recording day up in Tattersall Pasture in May.


• J.H. reported that the after school archaeology club at Upper Wharfedale School is proceeding well where pupils have been involved in processing finds from the ‘Big Dig’ excavation and spend one Saturday a month on field work in the Bordley area.


7. Election of the Committee for 2012 / 2013

P.Cl. asked Bob Barker to take the chair during the election of Officers. It had been agreed at the 2011 AGM that existing Committee members be subject to re-election at the 2012 AGM. David Hartley had agreed to stand again only as a Caretaker Treasurer until such a time as another person could be found to take over the role. All the other former Committee members agreed to stand again for 2012 / 2013. Therefore, the nominations were:


Chairman: Peter Claughton

Vice Chairman: Stuart Wilkinson

Hon. Secretary: Ann Wilkinson

Hon. Treasurer (Caretaker): David Hartley

Liaison Officer: Janis Heward

Minutes Secretary: David Leonard


As there were no other nominations, it was proposed by H.M. and seconded by R.B. that the aforementioned be duly elected as the Committee for 2012 / 2013. All were in favour.


R.B. expressed an interest in the Treasurer’s position but this was dependent on the time involved in undertaking this role. P.Cl. to discuss with D.H.and get back to R.B. to confirm possible number of hours involved.


8. Programme for 2012 / 2013

• An interim report containing aspects of the Project’s research and survey work carried out in 2011–2012 is due for release in the near future.


• J.H. confirmed that the last part of the Project’s fieldwork will be focused on the Bordley Town area.


• A Survey Week is planned for the 2nd to the 5th July 2012.


9. Any Other Business

P. Cl. proposed a vote of thanks to David Hartley for all the work he has undertaken as Hon. Treasurer. This was seconded by S.W.


The meeting concluded at 8.05 pm and was followed by a presentation on ‘Medieval Bordley’ by Mike Spence.


Ann Wilkinson (Hon. Secretary)



AGM - 20th May 2013