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Minutes of the AGM held 27th June 2011


                                                                 Hetton Methodist Room 7.40 pm Monday 27th June 2011


(1) Present:  Sonia Wilkinson, David and Vanda Hartley, Stuart and Ann Wilkinson, Janis Heward, Julia Price, Vanessa Peckett, Andrew Murgatroyd, Lynton Dransfield, David Leonard and Peter Claughton.


(2) Apologies: Received from Helen McKinlay, Joyce & David Emmett and Alison Armstrong


(3) Chairman’s Report.

Peter Claughton welcomed those present and made the following points: 


  • The project is financially sound

  • Archaeological work has proceeded uninterrupted since the resignation of the old executive committee

  • The new executive is committed to ensuring that the HLF funding is used efficiently and effectively - and I then referred the meeting to the Treasurer's report.

  • We are also committed to supporting our Project Director in the archaeological investigation

  • We will also monitor the direction of the Project and the fulfilment of its objectives

  • Information will be provided to Project members and the wider public on progress and developments - to that end, an Interim Report will shortly be published on the Project web-site. This is the report which should have been published at the beginning of this year. Although the author of a research paper on the ripple flaked flint arrowhead found in the course of Project work has withdrawn that paper, we hope it will appear in a future issue.

  • It is essential to promote a sense of community, sharing knowledge and working together to achieve  the Project's aims and objectives

  • The Project will continue to engage in external initiatives including the CBA programme for community archaeology.


(4) Secretary’s Report.

Ann advised that the changeover went quite smoothly. Membership appeared to be 60+ at the time but at least four have since resigned. Since mid May, Janis has supplied the names of seventeen new people who had said they wished to be kept informed of the BTP work. There is a need to get more people actively involved in the work side of the Project. There is shortly to be held a Festival of Archaeology and copies of the booklet publicising this event are now available.


(5) Treasurer’s Report

David Hartley circulated an income and expenditure sheet for the year to 30th April 2011 to members present. He advised that he had now received a cheque for the remaining balance in the BTP as the Lloyds TSB account had been closed against his express wishes. However, Lloyds TSB had confirmed that the variation of mandate form recently completed by several members of the committee would be sufficient to re-open an account. It was noted that 50% of the HLF Lottery Fund had so far been received. The committee would be discussing the items which had been budgeted for but not yet purchased e.g. the digital projector.


(6) Project Director’s Report 

  • Janis said that the Feasibility Study was completed in January 2010.

  • Walkover surveys will continue until all fields are completed and buildings surveyed. Schools Plan. Each of the four local primary schools has been programmed in.

  • Explorer scouts from the Harrogate area have helped to survey features in remote areas and a barn.  Helping the Project and learning new skills themselves.

  • Time has been spent updating Project information held in Grey Folders.

  • Sixty nine flints to date have been sketched and photographed.

  • There was a Survey week held during July 2010, both indoor and outdoor work undertaken. A second was held in April and the next is planned for September.

  • Lead workings around Proctor High Mark are being investigated, also early earthworks, hut circles, enclosures etc. Several specialist archaeologists were invited to walk over the area to offer their advice.

  • There has been a visit to the lead mining museum at Earby followed by a walk on Grassington Moor. This had been followed by a talk on lead mining by Mike Gill and a guided walk by Peter Claughton.

  • Visits have been made to various repositories in the North Yorkshire Records Office.

  • The website has been set up with help from Iron-Age Nidderdale group.

  • It has been suggested a DVD and a booklet be produced.

  • An article by Gill Hovell, local writer, on the Project has appeared in the May 2011 copy of The Dalesman.

  • The Duddon Valley Archaeology Group, Cumbria, contacted the PD and gave a copy of their Project book and walks leaflets to BTP.  

  • Janis has given a talk to the NMHS on lead mining in the Bordley Township area.

  • A regular article for members and the public on ‘What We Did Today’ has been started and can be seen on the website.

  • Fieldwork has been methodical and two thirds of the walkover surveys have been completed.

  • A partnership scheme for involving older school children in the schools plan is being discussed.

  • Custody of the ‘Bordley Flint’, for the duration of the Project, needs to be clarified and amicably resolved.  

  • Peter Claughton had been in discussion with Roger Martlew, who is hoping to set up a Visitor Centre in the Dales where such ‘finds’ could be deposited. Stuart Wilkinson suggested a display cabinet in the YDNP Centre at Grassington.


(7) Programme for 2011/12. 

a) Peter suggested that we could hold ‘evening meetings’ (speakers and Project updates) on the same day as work days or walks.

b) Ann Thake had accumulated a considerable amount of research data which had not been published. Several members present said they had contributed to this work.

c) A volunteer was needed to collate all the information on genealogy.

d) Sonia gave those present a description of what work she has been doing.


(8) Any Other Business

a) Peter – there is a lot of work needed on cataloguing data and we are looking for volunteers for this. Vanda Hartley suggested we put out a request for help on the website. Julia Price said she would be prepared to help.

b) Question on the existing and future membership. After discussion it was agreed that a memo be circulated asking existing members if they wished to continue as members and to receive information. Decided that no annual fee would be levied in future.  Suggested we continue to issue members with an annual membership card. Passive members are welcome but we do need active members too.

c) It was confirmed we do have Public Liability Insurance.

d) As the existing committee has only been in place since the EGM the meeting agreed that they stay in office but be subject to re-election at the 2011 AGM. All in favour.

e) Thanks were expressed for all the work undertaken by the PD and for those attending.


Meeting closed at 20.50 followed by a PPT presentation on the Project.


David Leonard (minute secretary)

Please click on the button (Adobe pdf document) below to view the full Project Director's Report.

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