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Minutes of the AGM held 20th May 2013


                                                    Hetton Methodist Room 7.00 pm Monday, 20th May 2013


Present: Stuart Wilkinson, Ann Wilkinson, Janis Heward, Peter Claughton (P.Cl.), Pauline Barber, Bob Barker, Peter Chadwick (P.Ch.), Tim Chadwick, Julia Price, David Emmott, Val Walker-Wilton and Wally Wilton.


1. Apologies for absence: Received from Helen McKinlay, Frances Bland and Sonia Wilkinson.


2. Minutes of the 2012 AGM

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on the 28th May 2012 were approved as a true record. Proposed P.Ch. and seconded SW.


3. Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.


4. Chairman’s Report

P.Cl. made the following points:


• An extension on the Project until August 2014 has been obtained from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). The Project must be completed by then.

• The second instalment of the HLF funding has been received.

• The schools programme has continued to develop through the input of and with a thank you to key members of the Project.

• Fieldwork has progressed with revisits to certain fields and additional photographing of key features.

• BTP in 2012 produced a digital publication on the Project entitled ‘The Bordley Township Project: Aspects of Human Impact on a Landscape in Craven’ by Peter Claughton for the Council for British Archaeology (CBA) Yorkshire Group Forum. (A copy of the publication is available to download from the BTP website).

• The Survey Week undertaken in July 2012 included people attending from as far away as Cumberland.

• A new Interim Report (Spring 2013) was now ready and will shortly be available on the BTP website.

• Peter Claughton has developed a chronology for the lead working industry and more work is required on the coal workings.

• There has been more work in the recording of the Bordley flints. As these flints have so far come from chance finds, it is thought a more detailed lithics survey in the field is required.


Overall we are now moving into the interpretative phase of the Project working towards final publication of results.


5. Secretary’s Report

• AW confirmed that the number of people currently on the circulation list stood at 93 with the majority regularly receiving information about the Project via e-mail.

• The website which is regularly updated is still going steady with the number of hits averaging around 300 per week.

• In addition to ongoing field work, a number of indoor meetings and social events have been held throughout the year including two family days, an evening talk and guided walk for the 2012 CBA Festival of British Archaeology; several workshops and day schools covering topics such as building and wall recording, animal bone and Anglo-Saxon hoards and treasures.


6. Treasurer’s Report

BB confirmed that the current balance of the HLF funds stood at £11,091.72. There will be a final instalment amounting to 10% of the total amount originally awarded by the HLF but this will not be paid out until after the Project has finished. Additional income includes £880 of self-generated funds from BTP events. Although, funds are tight, it is the Committee’s opinion that it is still achievable to finish the Project.


JP asked if we had kept any funds in reserve for the publication and it was confirmed that this has been taken into account. SW asked if we would be charging for the publication. P.Cl. said this matter has not yet been decided upon.


7. Project Director’s Report

• BTP in association with Upper Wharfedale School held an archaeology summer school at Netherside Hall in 2012 where students took part in activities including excavation work (uncovering 133 artifacts), instruction in how to light fires the prehistoric way, media work culminating in a presentation to parents and a visit to Pateley Bridge Museum. Work with the junior schools continued with activities such as trowelling in the ‘Dig Box’; the recording and photographing of artifacts and pot matching and paper puzzle exercises.

• Bad weather from November through to April has affected the progress of outdoor work. However, the 20th February 2013 saw the completion of field walk over surveys. Recent discoveries included a rather large ‘sheep creep’ (actual use unclear?) and large orthostats in fields near Cow Gill Cote. In December two teams (including several members who were approaching this type of activity for the first time) continued with building recording work. Ten barns are still to record.

• Other outdoor activities included a survey week and events for the Festival of British Archaeology in July 2012 and a field excursion to explore features in Tattersal Pasture  with Dr Roger Martlew in November.

• Indoor meetings have included the continuation of the marking and recording of the Bordley flint collection and animal bone recording and basic building recording workshops


8. Election of the Committee for 2013 / 2014

P.Cl. expressed a thank you to all the Officers for their input over the past year, particularly to Bob Barker who took over as Hon. Treasurer part way through  AW reported that no nominations for Committee had been received. The existing Officers confirmed that they were prepared to stand for another year. Therefore, the nominations were:


Chairman: Peter Claughton

Vice Chairman: Stuart Wilkinson

Hon. Secretary: Ann Wilkinson

Hon. Treasurer: Bob Barker

Liaison Officer: Janis Heward

Minutes Secretary: David Leonard


P.Cl. asked if P.Ch. would take the Chair during the election of Officers and Committee. It was proposed by W.W. and seconded by P.B. that the aforementioned be duly elected on block for 2013 / 2014. All were in favour.


9. Programme for 2013 / 2014

• A survey week (including geophysics) is planned for the 6th to 13th July 2013.

• BTP will be hosting two events, an evening talk and a guided walk for the CBA Festival of British Archaeology in July and will be assisting Upper Wharfedale School with the Big Dig archaeology summer school to be undertaken at Hebden Gill at the end of July / early August.

• Remaining fieldwork will include the last of the building recording work, further investigation of the Township coal and lead industries, the latter possibly involving underground survey of lead workings and looking for (datable) evidence of fire setting.

• The main focus will be on the publication of the Project’s results in 2014.


P. Cl. asked those present for any suggestions they may have on topics for future workshops, day school meetings etc. JH suggested holding an event to mark the end of the Project which would be an opportunity to communicate the Project’s findings to the wider local community, schools and interested public and also to formally thank Bordley Township residents for their help and support throughout the duration of the Project. PB asked about possible excavation to which both JH and P.Cl. advised there were no plans at present.


SW asked if anyone had any thoughts on what should be included in the final BTP publication to let the Committee know. VWW mentioned leaflets for guided walks as this is something she may be able to help with. JP who has been looking through the documentary research has come across references to ‘linen’ drapers (lining drapers). A brief discussion centred on possible flax production / processing in the area which may be another topic for further investigation.


10. Any Other Business

There were no other items for discussion.


P.Cl. thanked all those involved with the Project for their hard work.


The meeting concluded at 8.50 pm and was followed by a talk on ‘Discovering Bordley’s Ancient Past’ by Dr Roger Martlew.


Ann Wilkinson (Hon. Secretary)




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